IES-2000 has over 20 years of experience with supplying products and services that deliver high-quality noise control. IES-2000 can assist architectural and industrial clients remain complaint with relevant noise ordinances and laws while increasing the safety of their projects. IES-2000’s products are specifically designed to reduce noise reverberations and sound wave reflections; available products include acoustical curtains, silencers, and polyurethane acoustic foams. IES-2000’s services include noise surveys, ensuring compliance with new equipment specifications regarding noise levels, community noise studies, and workplace noise exposure monitoring. IES-2000’s webpage discusses multiple case studies which demonstrate how their products and services help its clients manage their noise output and meet or exceed the noise ordinances and laws that govern them. Since IES-2000 designs its own products and directly performs its services, IES-2000 can customize their offerings to best suit their clients’ needs, which begins with complimentary price quotes for noise control projects. IES-2000 is a proud member of ARIBA and ISNetWorld.


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