Miner Donkey Trouble is a 5x7 cascading video slot game.

Symbols drop into the grid to create wins. 5 or more adjacently connected symbols in a cluster award a win. Only the highest win in the cluster is paid. Winning symbols are removed. New symbols fall down to fill the gaps. Multiple clusters of the same symbol that are not connected are paid as separate clusters.

All wins contribute to the DONKEY DESTRUCTION feature. When a symbol win threshold is reached, a DONKEY DESTRUCTION feature is obtained, and it is added to a queue. When no further wins are visible, the next feature in the queue will activate. The game round will continue after all effects. There are 3 variations of DONKEY DESTRUCTION:

• DONKEY DESTRUCTION 1 – requires 18 winning symbols. It will destroy all rock symbols on the grid.
• DONKEY DESTRUCTION 2 – requires 40 winning symbols. It will destroy all gem and rock symbols on the grid
• DONKEY DESTRUCTION 3 – requires 50 winning symbols. It will destroy all symbols on the grid except GOLDEN NUGGETS and guarantee up to 5 extra GOLDEN NUGGETS.
GOLDEN NUGGET symbols can appear on the grid. They do not form winning combinations. If a GOLDEN NUGGET reaches (or appears at) the bottom row of the grid it will be removed from the grid, resulting in a +1 MULTIPLIER. The MULTIPLIER will apply to any further winning clusters. Keep collecting GOLDEN NUGGETS to keep increasing the MULTIPLIER. The MULTIPLIER resets at the start of each game round.

MINER’S PICKAXE symbol can appear when new symbols fall down to fill the gaps on the grid. If the MINER’S PICKAXE appears it will be removed, and the PICKAXE WILD feature will be queued. After all wins have concluded, DONKEY DESTRUCTION feature has finished, and GOLDEN NUGGETS have been collected, the PICKAXE WILD feature will trigger.

The PICKAXE WILD feature adds between 4 and 10 DIAMOND WILDS to the grid. The DIAMOND WILDS will only replace gem and rock symbols. The DIAMOND WILDS substitute for any gem and rock symbols, to help form winning clusters.

The RANDOM MEGA SYMBOL feature can trigger on non-winning game rounds or after all features have concluded. When triggered, up to 2 identical gem, rock or DIAMOND WILD MEGA SYMBOLS will be randomly placed on the grid. The MEGA SYMBOL will replace other symbols in a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 square.

DYNAMITE SCATTER(s) can appear when new symbols fall down to fill the gaps on the grid. The DYNAMITE SCATTER will detonate after all wins have concluded. When detonated, the DYNAMITE SCATTER is removed from the grid, along with surrounding gem and rock symbols, in a 2-grid radius from the DYNAMITE SCATTER. 2 DIAMOND WILD symbols will be be added.

Detonating 3 DYNAMITE SCATTERS in 1 game round award 5 FREE SPINS. The FREE SPINS will begin after all wins conclude. Detonate 3 DYNAMITE SCATTERS during FREE SPINS to win +5 FREE SPINS, up to a maximum of 20 FREE SPINS. The MULTIPLIER does not reset between each FREE SPIN.


Tigné, Malta

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